Monday, April 30, 2018

Digital Whisper Challenge - Circus

I should have had this circus for my Mad Tea party below! Digital elements by Crowabout Studio B.

Friday, April 20, 2018

*** Mad Tea Party! ***

"Welcome! I'm so glad you could come. I imagine you were expecting the Mad Hatter. That's "mad" as in crazy. Well, I'm a mad hatter, but I'm mad for color and fashion! Don't worry, though, if you didn't wear your Sunday best. Everyone is welcome here! I'm sure you'll have a great time. The tea is fine! The White Rabbit will show you the way."

"Hello! You're right on time! Well, I think you are. You know how we rabbits are with time. I hope you brought your appetite. And there's plenty of tea!"

"No, you won't need any potions to make you big or small. You're just right the way you are! The entrance is straight ahead. Be sure to say 'Hi' to the flamingos as you pass by."

I call this my "happy place," because we get to see so many wonderful people at our Mad Tea parties.

Look! The Queen of Tarts has arrived! She's wearing a whole new outfit this year. She must have been talking to our Mad Hatter, because she's wearing a very stylish hat instead of her crown. Don't be shy. Try one of her marvelous tarts with your tea!

Perhaps you'd like to try a nice mint tea with your tart.

I must say that tea pot reminds me of one of our favorite friends. In fact, my grandson drew a picture of him just the other day!

You may enjoy some entertainment while you are eating. We have special guests all the way from across the Atlantic. I've heard it said from reliable sources that they've seen the Cheshire Cat many times in their heyday!

Any special requests?

Speaking of Great Britain, Lady June has arrived!

"I hope you've saved some room for my scones and clotted cream. I even made strawberry jam that will melt in your mouth."

I bet Lady Grey tea would go well with the scones!

You might want to get up and take a walk outside. There are ever so many good things to eat yet to come. You might even see something totally mad outside! Don't forget to stop and say "hi" to the cacti. They love to chat. The plants were newly planted just for our tea. (I was too tired to paint anymore white roses red.) Just be careful! They are succulents, and might try to grab a taste of your tea!


Oh oh. I hope no one wanted a ride on the carousal! The horses are off again.

Here are our friends Tweedledee and Tweedledum! (Hmm. They look surprisingly like Betty and her husband Victor from the blog The Gossamer Tearoom. Betty serves the most delicious sandwiches at her tea parties. A little birdie told me she was making some for us.)

I do hope you have room for another cup of tea!

Is it just my imagination, or did those prickly cacti just move closer to the teapot?

I see this guest is drinking something other than tea. He must be from Paris.

I'm so happy, because look what he brought with him! I love French macarons!

Have you ever seen a purple pig before? This is the first time he has visited our Mad Tea parties. I believe he likes tiptoeing through the tulips. Go on! You may try it, too, if you would like to.

Purple Pig is so happy! His favorite friend Victorienne has just arrived.

Purple Pig loves the Raspberry Cordial Victorienne serves at her teenie teas at The Gossamer Tearoom.

Unfortunately, time is quickly passing. Some of you may need to go. But I want to show you one impossible thing before you leave. You do remember what Alice said, don't you? “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” I say, "Seeing is believing!"

That's a sight to remember! It could only happen at a Mad Tea Party!

Please do have another cup of tea and whatever else your tummy desires.

Here is one of the most popular songs this year. I thought it would be an appropriate song to listen to as you make your way out. After all, we are all perfectly mad here and so glad for it! Thank you so much for coming!

You don't remember the way out? Just follow the flamingo. :-)

(A few pictures in this content were found using Google Search. I do not claim any copyright to them, nor were they used for any monetary gain. Some digital elements were used from kits by The Gossamer Tearoom, Tangie Baxter, Rebecca McMeen or Itkupulli. )