Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Digital Whispers Challenge - Marie Antoniette

I love Marie Antoniette! My muse took me in a strange direction this time, though. I think it was because I just bought a new kit by itKuPiLLi. You have to go weird with her stuff! :-)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mad Tea Party 2015 Today!

In celebration of the 150 th. anniversary of the release of "Alice in Wonderland."


"You were probably expecting to see Billizetti as the Mad Hatter standing here. I got tired of him having all the fun! This is me, Bill. I put on my Jack of Hearts t-shirt so I could welcome you myself to my Mad Tea Party. I hope you have a great time! Please click on any picture if you would like to see a larger size."

"Just go on in!"

"Here! You're the right size now, but I almost forgot to give you the key!

"Welcome! You made it inside. As you can see, I am the White Rabbit. I look surprisingly like my twin brother Lorenzo Papace. We're French. I suppose you can tell by our good looks. Lorenzo is really talented! He formed the group called Ödland. You'll find their music everywhere! I'm the untalented twin. I just want to play with watches and gears and stuff like that. Someone handed me this rabbit suit with a dangling watch, and I thought, "Swell! I'll take the job! It's a wonderful watch! Except it doesn't seem to be ticking. So . . . "

"Hi. Yep. As you can see, I am the Three of Spades. I don't know where the White Rabbit hopped off to. I wanted to be the Jack of Hearts, because, well, you know, the Jack of Hearts is special! But Bill wanted to be the Jack of Hearts. It's his blog, so I lose. Well, you can either go stuff your face with French goodies and tea, or you can stop over there and see the Queen of Hearts. Personally, I'd go see the Queen of Hearts first. We do everything we can to keep her happy. You'll probably have to listen to a song all about her, too. Yep. Anything to keep her happy! (There better be a beer tent somewhere! I'm not drinking tea!)"

"Wasn't that a wonderful song? You must be ready for tea by now! We have some fabulous tarts and other French pastries, too. The Queen of Hearts doesn't make tarts for parties, obviously, but my fabulous friend the Queen of Tarts does. I wonder if those two are related? Probably not. The Queen of Tarts is always so friendly. She never says, "Off with his head!" She brings enough treats for everyone! Just follow the map to the food tent."

"Hmm. That's odd. There doesn't seem to be any tea anywhere. Oh. The Queen of Tarts just whispered in my ear that she'd rather everyone drink champagne with the desserts she brought. I guess the Three of Spades doesn't have to worry about drinking tea after all. Hopefully champagne will cheer up his mood. But can we have a Mad Tea Party without any tea? Well, why not?! It's a "mad" party, after all. I just hope Lady June doesn't mind. She's proper English you know! Oh oh. There's Lady June now!"

"You cheeky young man! How can we possibly have a Mad Tea Party without any tea? I've never heard of such a thing! Fortunately, I came prepared. I brought enough tea to share with everyone. I'm not even a queen. But I know proper etiquette. Let me start making a cup for whoever would like one."

"Now do be careful, Mr. Holmes. I make sure the tea is good and hot!"

"Thank you, Lady June. You are most kind!"

"Thank you so much, Lady June! You look stunning as always! You'll always be a queen in my book. I wasn't sure if Sherlock would make it. He's always so busy solving mysteries. But I notice he brought his violin with him. I wonder if he's trying to make an impression on that cute violin player in Ödland? Well, I think it's about time for our last entertainment. I know you have so many other parties to visit today. The Queen of Spades wants to introduce the last song. You haven't met her yet. She's a little spacey. Seriously! She thinks she's French, and she is always talking about wanting to fly to outer space with Ödland. Without further ado, I present the Queen of Spades!"

"Hello everyone! I'm honored to introduce the last song Ödland is going to perform for us today. It's my favorite song! I just love them so much! I'm going to fly in outer space with them soon. They keep telling me I belong in space. Well, I think that's what they are saying. I'm afraid my French is a little rusty."

"Hi! It's me! Billizetti. I'm the Mad Hatter today. I bet you knew I'd be here somewhere. Thank you for coming everyone! We really must send you over to Vanessa's now. She does such a magnificent job hosting our tea parties every year. The link to her blog is: http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/   You'll have a wonderful, glittery time at her party. A big thanks to Ödland for performing so many of their songs! Now everyone have a safe trip surfing around blogland. Bye!"

(I don't remember where I found the photos of the beautiful French pastries. But if you want to see the most fabulous French food, among anything else French, please visit Paris Breakfasts at: http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com/ )

(The maps of Nina Nicci were found at: https://www.ninaricci.com/fr-FR/Fragrances/The-Nina-line/Page-parfums-Les-delices-de-Nina and I do not claim any rights to them. They were used strictly for non-monetary purposes. Man. That's hard to say after a couple of glasses of champagne!)

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Seaside

If you can't be at the seaside, you can try painting it. :-) I attempted a seascape with acrylics. It's in the art journal I made, so you can see the tape I used to cover the inside stitches on this page. But that's alright. This is all about practice and fun.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


This is what happens when someone driving from the side direction isn't paying attention and runs a stop sign.

My wife is lucky to be alive. She made the instant decision to turn the steering wheel to the left hoping to not directly hit the other car right in the driver's seat door. If she hadn't, the other driver would have been seriously injured. My wife had the right-of-way, and the speed limit was 50 mph. Now we're waiting to hear if the insurance company is going to consider our car "totaled." The right side (left side of the picture) is all dented in, too. Definitely worth an "Egads!"

Monday, July 6, 2015

Digital Whisper Blog Challenge - Summer

I'm calling this one "Summer Fun."

(After reading one of the comments, I realized I should have written here that I saw a picture somewhere where a person had used the top hat and puff ball idea. I couldn't tell you who did it. I created a more colorful and more embellished version of the idea.)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dollar Store Art

I was having fun with a $1.00 watercolor kit for kids and Crayola Glitter Glue. The minion is from a McDonald's Happy Meal bag. You can use simple things to make fun art!

The Colorful Seth Apter

Seth Apter is a mixed media artist, writer, columnist for Cloth, Paper, Scissors and publisher of the blog "The Altered Page."