Saturday, October 2, 2010

Digital Whisper Dark Challenge - Stairs

There is a monthly challenge at the Digital Whisper Ning site where the hostess, Kimmie, gives us a picture to alter, but the results are suppose to be more on the dark side. I'm not talking about darker as in the amount of brightness, but darker in theme. This month she gave us this picture of stairs. I actually love the stairs all by themselves! The picture is by Jascha Hoste of the Netherlands.

Here is my altered version. I hope you enjoy the change.


  1. Gorgeously coloured William! Lovely work. xx

  2. ohhhh, looks much spookier, William!

  3. Bill, I love your work. This is fabulously spooky and gorgeous, too.


  4. I love this version! The colors are perfect for a darker mood. But I think I'll stay upstairs and not venture down below... ;)