Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Picture of Corben

This is our grandson doing what he does best! (Well what did you expect? He's only 2 months old.)


  1. I was hoping for another pic soon and here he is, looking as fit as a flea and then some.
    What a gorgeous child of God he is. Those great big eyes almost reading your thoughts. God bless him and his family.
    Hugs xx

  2. what a sweetheart;)

  3. Those gorgeous eyes! ;) He's adorable.

  4. I was trying to think of a cute caption for this photo of Corben. He looks like he's about to say something profound. :)
    But I'll not spoil the moment of his sweet little self being posted on Grandpa's blog.
    Hi Corben......remember that your Grandparents are wonderful and love you tons! Forever........