Monday, August 15, 2011

Art is better than suicide!

My last post was about creating a zine all about collecting joy, and then today I felt so depressed that I couldn't get suicide out of my mind. Don't panic! As the title suggests, I created art about it instead. I feel much better, and maybe now I can get some sleep. Egads!


  1. OH Bill, my honey....
    I know depression can be such torture...At least my medication helps me at present......

    My son a few months ago was at rock bottom. His job had caught up with him and all the horrible sights and things he'd had to deal with.

    He had treatment for a couple of months or so, a wonderful psychiatrist who gave him exercises to work through, to change the way he thought about things and it worked for him.

    Mind you he'd had a different childhood!

    I am so glad your art helps to get it out of your system a bit.

    In your previous post, I think it's such a fantastic idea. if there's anything on my blog you think may be suitable, feel free to grab it.

    Love and Hugs
    June xxx

  2. Hang in there, Bill. And please keep creating more fantastic art to share with us!

  3. I'm so sorry when you feel that way! I wish I could help, happily you have a loving family and your art that help you to get out the bottom... Anyway, you can count on me!

  4. I love the little doll in this. I might just have to make one.
    I'm sorry you are depressed. I am too. I'm so grateful God gave us art as a way out.

  5. Yes, art is a MUCH better alternative! And we all need YOUR art to keep us happy!!

    Big HUG!!

  6. Yes, art is the best medicine, Bill! Love viewing your blog ;)