Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook Friend Challenge

An artist-type friend that I know only by Artellaland, Lori Minnick, posted some great photos of a grungy truck on her Facebook page. When I left a message saying how much I liked them, she challenged me to grab one and play around with it. How could I resist a challenge like that? Besides, it was nice to have a fun distraction from everything that is going on in our family.

Lori's original photo:

Here's my altered version:

Yep, it's crazy. I'm sure you didn't expect anything less! I hope you like it, Lori.

(The man is from a digital kit from Crowabout Studios B named "Rusty." The woman was Googled.)


  1. I remember Lori! Great job with the truck! You know I love some good grunge art and you've nailed it! ;)

  2. Nicely grunged!

    Don't you just love old rusty trucks? And yours is terrific. Those two 'kids' are a hoot....are they dating?

    I thought about you and the family today so thought I'd check in on blogger to see what was happening.

  3. I love what you did here. You know how to enlighten an old dusty truck :)
    Hold on, dear friend.

  4. This is amazing, I visited you whithout knowing you had visited me. Feel embraced.

  5. Lovely collage dear Bill. Thinking of you all! xx

  6. You are much more talented than I am Bill. Have now idea how you did it but it sure is fun.

  7. This is hilariously wonderful! I love it! (Will you be blogging your weekend workshop with Marney, by the way? I'd love to read about that and do a blog link when I do some art related to time as per her amazing book)