Friday, November 23, 2012

AJC 12 Wordography - Euphoria

Photo from Pierre Herme. Overlays from Tangie Baxter's AJC Parcel 47. Eiffel Tower by Laurie Ann. Macarons from Holliewood's "Queen Cakes." By the way, "macarons" are not the same thing as "macaroons." People often think I'm spelling it wrong.  :O)


  1. I'd love to try one of those that have two different colors! Yum!

  2. Macarons just melt in your mouth and these all look so mouthwatering gorgeous! Lovely piece Bill! xx

  3. Those vivid colours are a paradigm for euphoria ... One likes to bite into the screen ;-)

  4. Hey, I wouldn't dare tell you how to spell, Bill!! However, I am bowled over to know that you have met my grandmother, Euphoria H. Higginbotham, and that macarons brought you to her.

  5. Dear Bill,
    I love your collage!!! And you are definitely NOT spelling it wrong!! Those chewy coconut things are delicious, but are not the same as these!!!!!

    (I also love the ornate rococo design you used behind the Eiffel Tower!!)