Saturday, May 18, 2013

Art Journal Caravan Week 20 Quotable

Elements from May 2013 Parcel Collection, BA's kit "Old Animalia," and Pixelworks' kit "Where Are We." Font "Canary" by Tangie."


  1. This is lovely and makes me want to go walk on the beach! But it's a cold and gloomy day today, so that will have to wait. Every once in a great while I find a starfish on the beach, which is such a gift. Of course I only take them home if they are no longer living. There are tide pools north of here where you can see the star fish up close. When they are alive, they are so bright an colorful! Reds and oranges and purples even! Quite amazing to see.

  2. I feel like this too.It is still so cold here. The first day of June and I have the heat on in the house. xx