Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mad Tea Party Today!

The time is here.
Let’s give a cheer!
It’s really quite mad,
when you stop to think,
that it’s been one year
since the party was here.
And all across blogland
for you to enjoy,
it’s July thirteenth,
and the Mad Parties appear.

I hope you like steampunk.
It's our theme for this year.
It may be quite crazy,
but that's why we're all here!

Most of the digital steampunk elements I've used in the pictures I created have come from two incredible digital steampunk kits created by Studio Rebecca and Studio Tangie at You may want to visit these links so you can get the kits to use in your own art:

(Please click on any picture to see a larger size.)

"Now on to the madness, I mean, party. Oh dear!"

"Hello! I am the Mad Hatter. I am your host.
Bill painted me special with all the right gear."

"It appears more quests are arriving."

(Gif found at )

"Hello! What's that?
You didn't bring a hat?
You don't need to worry.
We've plenty right here."

"My, you do look so dashing
 wearing feathers on your hat.
It may seem precocious
but gears are all that!

(Background photo by Eric Tenin of Paris Daily Photo.)  

"Oh. You aren't sure what steampunk is?
 Let me help you. I know!
 If you have just a minute,
watch the show just below."

"Now unto the party! The tea is all ready and the guests are all here."

"Please grab a cup, and then unto the rot!"

"Boys, we don't call it rot.
We may be quite mad,
but manners we got."

"If you prefer Victorian, then here's one for you."

"There's three types of tea. Have whatever you like."

Earl Grey

Lemon Ginger

Strawberry Rose Oolong Tea

"You're standing here.
But the food's over there.
If you step over yonder,
you can see who's all here."

(Don't worry about the spider. She made of small gears.)

"Why, it's the Queen of Tarts!
But where is her crown?
She always brings goodies.
Let's gobble them down!"

"No, don't worry.
I didn't forget my famous lemon tarts.
Just fill up your plate,
and let the fun start!"

(Background image from

"That was exciting! Is it time for more refreshments?"

(Found on Tumblir page of belaquadros.)

"Steampunk cake. What a beauty!"

"Oh look. Here's another of Bill's mixed-media steampunk paintings. I guess owls like steampunk, too. In fact, it looks like it has been drinking some of our mad tea!"

"And standing right next to it is Lady June.
How are you, my dear? 
You're always so fancy
 each year after year!"


"I never miss a Mad Tea Party
especially when it's here.
I'm already planning the hat
 I'll be wearing next year."

"The clock sure is ticking.
Our party is about done.
But before you go hopping,
we need a little more fun!"

"That's just what we needed.
Now it's time you're away.
You have plenty of parties
you'll want to visit today!

(Hey! That's me!)

Now just click on this link and you'll be on your way:

(Additional steampunk elements used were from Holliewood's kit "Steampunk Animals" and EMS' kit "Steampunk. The animated gifs were found at The Steampunk Forum.)


  1. Such a fun Mad Steampunk Party, Bill!!! I had some of each of the teas as well as some of each of the treats (you do spoil us so!). I'm happy to use one of the steampunk tea cups as long as I have one without a clock! I'd like to lose track of time here!

    It seems that The Hatter is a topic of interest to many on this fine Day of The Mad Teas! Won't you please come and visit me at The Tearoom?

    Wishing you a most fun Party Weekend!


  2. What a fun steampunk party! Thanks so much for having me, and happy Mad Tea Party!

    Please do come visit my 2 interwoven fairytale inspired stories-

    1. The White Queen as she prepares her Mad Tea Party for her eleven dancing sisters in:

    2. The dancing princesses dancing their way all over the land to reach her Mad Tea Party:

    I'm looking forward to serving you a home made rose macaron or two at my tea party!

  3. Oh my! Does it get any better than Steampunk AND Mad Tea Partying? I absolutely adore the steampunk mugs and that cake, oh that cake! Just beautiful. Thank you for having me to your lovely Mad Steampunk Party. I'll drop back by for more Steampunkiness. Merry Unbirthday!

  4. I had the best time! Loved the Steampunk video but now I want a Buscycle!

    I remember the hangover I had from the strange brew last year but all those delicious pastries made up for it and so I tasted your concoctions again. How will I feel tomorrow?

  5. Well done *claps*

    A visual delight!

    Popped by from the Mad Tea Party, come give me a visit

  6. Loved the Party! Thanks so much for the invite.

  7. Such a peculiar party. I love it!

    Please do stop by for a spot of tea if you like!

  8. Wow! So unique! Wonderful!

  9. I am in love with all the steampunk on this page. The cake is incredible and the Strawberry Rose Tea pot is just wow! Seriously incredible stuff.

    Thank you for having me!

    Please do stop by my party as well, but beware the Jaberwock is lurking about!


  10. Bill what a wonderful tea party you have made, I enjoyed my visit so much.

  11. As usual, yours is the bestest most fun tea party of them all! Thank you so much for including me and my lemon tarts!

  12. Who can resist having tea from such a smashing and unique Steampunk pot -- the lemon ginger style is fantastic!

    Thanks for letting me share in your day...lots of fun. When you get a free moment, stop by my tea party.

    ~ Misha

  13. Awesome!!

    I think steampunk will always and forever be one of the most fabulous things ever!

    Love your Alice steampunk spin!!

    Thank you so much for being a part of the Mad Tea Party ♥

  14. I love all things Steampunk, so I've enjoyed your party immensely!

    Happy Mad Tea Party Day!
    Please visit my party!
    Ricki Jill

  15. So great! Love the steampunk interpretation in your digital art. Thank you for sharing. Happy Mad Hatter Day!

  16. So great! Love the steampunk interpretation in your digital art. Thank you for sharing. Happy Mad Hatter Day!

  17. I love your Steampunk Mad Tea love love...thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day
    Kerstin from Germany

  18. Yay a steampunk tea party. Such fun!

    I love the steampunk tea pots. Gorgeous.

  19. Oh my dear Bill! I am just exhausted from all the excitement and full up with cakes. You have pulled out all the stops as you usually do to make this a fabulous affair. I'd love one of those tea pots by the way!
    Love and Hugs my friend

  20. Bill, you have outdone yourself for this years tea party. Magnificent write up with so many clever uploads. It is fun to view this years tea party event. Keep up your creative work; it is unique and fun to view.

  21. A fabulous party, thank you so much for inviting me :)
    Oooh a cup of earl grey for me I think !!

    I hope you will pop by and visit my party also:

    Mad Madam Mel xx

  22. Great Steampunk's a hit for sure. Love the Tea pots, the altered it all.
    I'd like to invite you to come and see us Bad Alice, Dude and Oma Linda at

  23. My, oh my! What a wonderfully mad tea party! Steampunk art is always so much fun. I love the altered tea pots. Happy UnBirthday! ~Michelle

  24. Loved the party and all that steampunk.

  25. such a fun and magical tea party!!
    thanks for having me!!

  26. OMG... there is another guy doing the tea party! Yeah! Glorious post! Very nice. I love your work.

    Please come and have a visit...enter my giveaways and get freebies:

  27. Oh my what an enchantingly handsome mad hatter. tHANK YOU!

  28. Steampunk! How fun! All the different teapots were a treat too.
    ~Tricia, Fairy Godmother at the Castle (and Sweet Rascal Photos): Please join my tea party too:

  29. Ohhhh such a mad time I had Bill! You've created such a magical fun filled exciting tea party I want to tell you how much I enjoyed it and appreciate the art behind it. I enjoyed the lemon ginger tea beyond expression. Is there a secret ingredient in it? *smiles* Norma, x

  30. Hi Bill,
    What a wonderful Steampunk tea party! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for inviting me! I do hope you will visit me at my mad tea party.
    Happy Madness and Muchness week,

  31. You've been so creative again : )

    Was it me who drank space tea or you ? ;-)

  32. What a wonderful party!! I am so glad I dropped. Such a grand time. I love those hats (well, everything else too) and I cannot decide which tea to take...may I just have a bit of eacj?