Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Three Muses Challenge - Script

The theme at Three Muses this week is script, text or type. I decided to use typewriter keys in mine. (Well, you've probably never seen green typewriter keys before, but it's an artist's prerogative to change colors.)

Elements from Clementine's kit "Iris and Violet," and Deviant Scrap's kit "Color Splash." Be sure to visit the Three Muses Blog to see who else is participating in this challenge.


  1. I love this one, Bill. Is the poem original, and do you have arthritis in your hands? (Or am I reading more into that than intended?? lol)

  2. I've always wanted green typewriter keys. Love your poem and your art and hope your hands get better soon.

  3. Love your take on the challenge!

  4. Love your very unique take on the theme, Bill, and I applaud the colours you've chosen (all typewriter keys should be green) :D

    Keep on making art, my friend.

  5. I FEEL this piece of art, Bill. It's not only pretty but a truism as well!!

  6. How wonderfully artistic this is Bill! I love how the irises and pansies pop- a feast for the eyes!

  7. If the writing applies to you, Bill, I hope your hands improve and it isn't arthritis. Lovely piece, those flowers are certainly eye-popping!

  8. It's true, he may be 62
    And also a lover of cute poo
    But I come here
    Whenever I amblue
    And he cheers me up
    With his deep inspired art
    And ready wit
    I'm so glad
    That Bill's my friend
    I hope he'll be able to use his hand once again!

  9. This one is beautiful and sad too!
    I wish you're okay Bill.
    (You made me laugh out loud with your comments)!

  10. This is so beautiful Bill but so sad it's just H@#$ to get old I am sorry your having trouble with your hands, I'm just hold my breath for the next thing that falls
    Best wishes.