Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life Book 2013 - Week 43

I haven't done a good job keeping up with the weekly Life Book lessons for this year. It's still very difficult for me to just let myself paint and experiment with mixed media. This past week's lesson was about using real leaves to stamp patterns unto a background, and using sticks or whatever other things we found in nature to add marks into the paint.

The main element in the painting was suppose to be a portrait of a woman with some journaling. I don't like the lessons with all the female portraits in them, so I decided to create a scene from nature instead. I had purchased some round pictures to put in bottle caps from The Gossamer Tearoom, and used them to create flowers with. My final design is a little wild, but I think you can see the leaf stamping I did. The ones in dark purple turned out the best. You can see them if you click on the picture to look at the larger size.


  1. Stunning, Bill, absolutely beautiful!! Hope it will grace a wall in your home!!

  2. This is delightful, Bill. I am so impressed The colours and design are superb. Not sure if I believe your story about the bottle caps. I thought that maybe you have been "on the turps" which is Ozspeak for sampling an ale or two. (I think there is some weird comparison between beer and turpentine). Recycling is good.

  3. Love this, so delicate and beautiful.

  4. A fantastic piece of 'hands on' art dear Bill! Bravo! xx

  5. I love this collage, Bill! I really love your idea to tuen the bottlecap images into flowers! I'm using them in bottlecaps myself as framed pictures in a dollhouse I am making right now!! Thank you so much for the mention and for the link back to my blog!!


  6. I love the colors and design, what a great impact!!

  7. Ahhh! I love this one. I have been experimenting lately with stamping gingko leaves. I think the use of bottle caps is an awesome mixed media technique and I love it! Inspired ideas are forming!

  8. oh Bill your piece is great.Love those colours.

    Is this a goup on here called life and the number that you do or you go to a place at your home to learn the painting?

    I see the gals are same as the other group I am in challenge with.

    Oh wow so much to enter.

  9. the bottle caps are so perfect for the flowers.

    Great idea.

    So it is Mied media art .

    Oh send me the site. I would love to see how one does this.

    Maybe I can just google it.

  10. oh I searched for what you joined.
    Life Book 2013. So it comes yearly the group.

    It is a cd not sure how much Canadian money.

    It is all kind of art. I am looing at the Tutorials.

    How cool. Crayons,

    Now does Bev and hher freind have this group as well as others?

    I wont go on. Just email and brief me please when you get time.

  11. This is beautiful and the bottle caps are such a wonderful idea.

  12. I love the colors and the messy background in opposition to the curvy vivid leaves.