Saturday, November 2, 2013

Take A Word Challenge - Hearts

Elements from Studio Tangie's "Painted Tee-Pees" and "Tribalations." Portrait Googled.


  1. Beautiful! The teepee drawings remind me of this project I did in 4th grade on the Chippewa Indians. (the tribe that once lived in the area where I grew up near Detroit)

  2. A perfect and telling quote for your most beautiful picture, Bill. One of your very best. I love it.

  3. Stunning, Bill, love the way you 'think outside the square!!'

  4. This collage is just great, Bill and I completely agree with the message. Thank you for braving the ghosties at The Tearoom! I promise things will be much less spooky on your next visit!


  5. So beautiful Bill with a wonderful message! xx

  6. I love the message and the way you've portrayed it, Bill. Beautifully done!

  7. This is very touching Bill...beautiful work.

  8. Bill It reminds me of my first boyfriend. His dad was Indian chief. So His parents wanted me to meet them. When I got to where he took me my Indian Bow . The area had crowds of people on the land.

    That day was a Indian monument built and ceremony first Indians in Scarboro, Ont. It still stands. So I met his parents.

    Their son was the first Indian boy to come to our public school
    by bus.

    And of course which girl did he pick.

    Lucky me. He was just so good looking.Wow! I was 12then. Ha-ha.

    His mom made me a leather beaded bracelet.

    I wish I kept it. your art work is fab.

    So your Tribe T.P's. Oh what a reminder.

    See Bill you never know what your art can do for others.