Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hop, Skip or Jump?

I'm reading Marney K. Makridakis new book Hop, Skip, Jump. I love it! How can you have more fun and get more done? Take this quiz to find our your productivity style:

I took the quiz, and I tied even with "hop" and "skip." Now I have to finish reading the book to find out what that means! I've even created two digital collages after only reading the introduction. Here's one of them:  (you'll need to read the introduction to find out what it means)


  1. Hi Bill!
    I took the quiz and I was "Skip"! I know I end up thinking up so many ideas that I get overwhelmed what to do next!

    I may have to read this book to get some ideas of how to focus more!

    Thanks for the links to this!


  2. I just think, "Music sprinkles petals to the soul." Beautiful!

  3. oh this is great Bill.

    I know you enjoy what you do.