Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Featured On Seth Apter's Blog Tomorrow

Seth Apter has been running a weekly feature on his blog The Altered Page that he calls "Living With Art." He shows how different artists have art displayed in their homes. I'm almost afraid to tell anyone, but I will be one of those artists featured in his post tomorrow. Afraid? Well, many of the artists he has featured so far have beautiful walls with art perfectly adorning them. My photo will definitely not look like that. But rather than giving you any more details, check out Seth's blog tomorrow and see for yourself. :-)


  1. Will check in tomorrow, Bill! Thanks for being brave and giving us the heads up!!! I'm sure it's fine!


  2. Thanks for sharing your space Bill. It is mighty inspiring and must be a great place to hang out in!

  3. Congrats, my famous friend! Can I have your autograph?