Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Digital Whisper Blog Challenge - Mouse

This is actually an oldie but goodie. I've always loved Star Trek! I'm old enough to have seen the original TV episodes the first time they were shown. We thought they were so "futuristic." It's hard not to laugh when you compare them to today's new Star Trek movies.

This next one is especially for Patti! I wrote a crazy poem about a boy who lost his mouse. I created the pictures and had it put into a flip book. Unfortunately, I lost the link for the book and I can't show you online.


  1. Bill,
    My mother and I looked forward each week to sitting and watching the original Star Trek episodes!! We loved them!! She was a life-long Trekkie! I don't know why, but I have this particular memory of watching the show one night, eating Funyons (did you ever have those?) and then camping out on the livingroom floor in our sleeping bags (which was something we did as a treat sometimes!). I know she would have liked your collage a lot and so do I! And your little mouse book is very sweet as well!


  2. Love this Bill
    Thanks for playing in this challenge :)