Saturday, May 14, 2016

Soul Art Day 2016 (May 11)

This was the first year I participated in Soul Art Day. Here is the link to the web site so you may read all about it if you would like to. Laura Hollick sponsors the event, and people all over the world participate. Laura and several other artists participated in a live performance art piece that we were able to watch online called "Painting The Suit." The main idea of the event was for every artist to feel inspired knowing that thousands of artists worldwide would be creating art at the same time. I wasn't able to finish my piece on that day, as it took time to watch the online events that were taking place. This is what I finished on the first day.

I drew around my arm to serve as the starting point. Many artists had very large canvases and a partner so their partner could trace around their entire body to serve as their painting's beginning.

I finished my painting the next day. The energy from the previous day definitely carried over. You aren't able to tell from the photo of the painting, but each of the leaves is a picture from screenshots I took while Laura and her group were performing her "Painting The Suit" piece. I tinted them in Photoshop, printed them and then cut them into leaves. This was my first Soul Art Day. It was all very exciting!

The painting is 2' by 3'. Below is a closeup of one of the leaves.

I definitely plan on participating next year! I'll add a photo of Laura Hollick so you may see how inspirational she is.

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  1. Wow, Bill! What fun and inspiring creative projects you did here!! And you are right. Many times for me, the energy of one project inspires me to begin even more projects too! A great job, as always, Bill!!