Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mad Tea Party Today!

It's here, it's here! The Mad Tea Party for 2016 is finally here!

Once you have had all the tea you could possibly drink here,
please visit our main hostess Vanessa at

She always has the most wonderful tea parties!
That's because she's perfectly mad!
Aren't we all???

I'm leaving all the "fancies and pretties" to Vanessa,
 because I am so happy to say
that all kinds of celebrities are visiting my party today.
It seems everyone who's
anyone loves tea!
Shall we see who has arrived?
Just go in through the door!

Well, yes, it is rather grand, isn't it?!
Shall we mingle?
Oh look. It's Sherlock! I believe he visited last year, too.

His sidekick, Watson, told me that they're both quite besotted with drinking tea.

I do so hope they save enough for the others!

I'm sure Grandmama will make them behave.
Please do help yourself to the deserts.
Don't be bashful! We're all mad here!

 Oh my! We have so many British visitors today!

Wow! Three Doctors!
I wonder where they parked their Tardises? 
(Or would that be Tardis'? I'm really not sure!)
I just hope no one mistakes them for water closets!
I wonder if that's where Lady June
and the Queen of Tarts are hiding?
Maybe Betty and Victor, too.
They've never missed one of my parties!!!
What's up with that?
We simply can't miss out on those lemon tarts!
Lady June always teaches us the latest dances, too!

If I'm not mistaken, that's Helena Bonham Carter!
(Please excuse all the exclamation points.
I get quite excited on Mad Tea Party Day!)

With all the tea everyone is drinking, I better make several more pots!

Oh my. When did Moriarity arrive?
I hope the boys all behave themselves!

It appears Sherlock is drinking so much tea he hasn't even noticed who else is here.

I better tell the bouncer to keep an eye on them anyway.

I should have known! He's drinking tea, too.
I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some macarons to eat with my tea.

Okay. I do have a few "pretties" here. :-)

Oh oh. Did someone slip something into the tea?

I guess that explains it. He isn't even bothering with the tea!
I think he better eat something!

Aren't those strawberries perfect for our Mad Tea Party?

Okay. It may be time to end this party. I'm starting to see frogs!

Yep. It's time. Sherlock has reached his limit!
I hope you've had a wonderfully mad time!

Please remember to visit
Vanessa will have links to all of the other parties you can visit in blogland.

Oh. Just in case, before you go,
 the restroom is the first door down the hall on the right.
We did drink a lot tea.
I hope there isn't any line!

Wait a minute! Do you hear that sound?
It's coming over by the Doctors' Tardises. (Or Tardis'. I still don't know.)

Marguerite? Woops, she's the Queen of Tarts
on Mad Tea Party Day.
Lady June? Victor and Betty?
Are you inside the Tardis? How did you get in there?
Where did you find a key?
You really must come out! The Doctors Who are ready to leave!
I wonder why the doctors aren't just clicking their fingers to open the doors?
Maybe all that tea is affecting their interglacticness.

I am so sorry. You don't need to wait around. I'll get this straightened out somehow.
Good bye until next year!


  1. Darling Bill,
    I would hate to miss one of your parties....thank you for the invite...and you have the most delicious macarons!!It is certainly worth coming across the pond for!!
    I loved meeting all your Doctor guests this year and I must admit to hitting it off with one of them!! I am not saying who.....
    He kept calling me your Ladyship...(giggle!)
    As you guessed he gave me the key to his Tardis and we are now on a very romantic island!
    Bye for now dear boy! Take care.
    Whoops! We are off again...............

    Your dear old friend,
    Lady June xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello to you Dear Bill and Wishing you a Happy Mad Tea Party Day!! Oh my goodness! I don't think I have ever had so much fun at one of these Mad Tea Parties! It truly is the Maddest of the Mad Teas!! Oh boy, you must need a nap after all of your wacky guests kept you so busy making more and more tea!! Thank you so much for having us and being such a wonderful host, as always!! Our little Victorienne and Purple Kitty could not attend, as they are busy at their own party! They cannot wait for their friend Bill to visit!

    Wishing you a wonderful and fun day visiting everyone!

    Betty & Victor

  3. LOL, LOL, Hillarious!!!! So Fun!!!! Now my head is spinning! Please visit , nothing compared to your tea, however I do have a video at the end!
    this link:
    see you there

  4. I don't think I've ever been to a tea party with so many celebrities! I'm a bit star struck! Do you think Sherlock with mind if I said Hello? I don't wish to disturb the great man. Thanks for the invite. I had a most lovely time!

  5. What a wonderfully madcap tea party! And your guest list is just the tops!

  6. Haha - this was fantastic! Thanks for sharing the joy.

  7. My favorite doctor is at the party, although I do enjoy the other two as well. And Sherlock, how fun. Seriously, I love your take on the Mad Hatter Tea Party! So creative. :)

  8. Fabulous Party! Mad my day!!! LOL! ;)

  9. Perhaps it's Tardisi? Who knows but as always you threw a fab little party. Thanks for having me over and I hope to see you at my party- Strange Girl in a Little House

  10. All around the world I hear: is it Tardises, Tardi, Tardiss??? Who knows? I hope your ordered more than one tree! Of course now we are too dizzy to find them for the forest!
    Please visit - I have music

  11. Had I known that you were going to have Sherlock, The Doctor and the cutest frog ever, I would have come to your party first. I'm not even British, but for your party list I will totally sell out. What fun! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happy Mad Tea Party!

  12. I, The Queen of Tarts, was tardy, it's true. But I left a lemon tart for you! ;)

  13. Delightful! Thank you for your hospitality, Dear! Happy Mad Tea-ing!

  14. Oh my we British do love our tea, the most perfect drink of course for a mad tea party. I loved attending with all your wonderful guests such fun to mingle, now I wonder if I can cadge a life home in the Tardis.

  15. The party was fine, the tea divine. Thanks!

  16. Squee! How delightful. It's all of my favorite things: Sherlock, all of the Doctor's, tea deluxe, and British loveliness. :)

    I'm a day-late to the fun and just now getting around to each party, but if you haven't already, do drop by and say hi. :) Thank you for sharing this bit of fun.

    ~ Misha

  17. What a creative and entertaining party! I hope there's some tea left for me.....lots of tea drinking going on!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  18. Sorry i´m Computer cracked down...nice pictures...Happy Unbirthday to you...

  19. Ha, Ha, Ha,!!! What a lively party, I'm absolutely invigorated. So how much caffeine was in all that tea? I love the line for the doggy potty, this was all just so much fun! I guess I saved the best for last, thanks for the laughs. Cheers, Sarah

  20. Dangit, that Baldwin Boy wouldn't share his 'tea' - not even one dram - with me!

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