Saturday, September 1, 2012

Life Book Class 2012 - Secret Person

After weeks of battling my inner critic, I finally worked on the project for Week 30. We were suppose to come up with a picture of a helpful critic (secret person) we could turn to to shut up our bad inner critic. I didn't paint the face like in the instructions, but drew it on drawing paper, and then put it on top of the collaged background I had created. The background didn't photograph well at all, as I used some silver paper along with others with silver writing. The background kind of faded out in the photo. Anyway, it was another case of just draw, don't try to make it perfect, and just take whatever comes out. At least it looks like a person. I'm very happy to have finally done another project. I beat down my inner critic one more time! I wish that thing would just go away!

My trip to our daughter's was postponed until tomorrow, Sunday, but I hardly touched the computer this past week anyway. Our two year old grandson, unbeknown to us, swallowed 3 small, round batteries. No one knew until one showed up in his diaper. That necessitated a trip to the emergency room as we had no idea if he had swallowed more or what. They did x-rays, and determined that two more were in his intestines. That was okay, as it meant they had passed through his stomach and shouldn't get stuck anywhere. However, I was the one who lifted him unto the x-ray table, and while doing so, one of us moved the wrong way. I wrenched my back. Corben just turns 2 tomorrow, but he's as big as some 4 year-olds. It doesn't pay to get old! I've been in pain all week, and living on Ibuprofen. I didn't even do one digital collage.

To make a long story short (woops, too late for that), it will be another week now before I will be able to visit your blogs. Don't give up on me. I haven't kicked the bucket yet.


M said...

Awww, poor Bill. I hope your back is better for the trip, and that you have fun. I also hope they got all the batteries out of Corben! Maybe his new nickname should be "The Eveready Bunny!"

Patrice said...

Love your critic portrait - so handsome! No more trips to the ER!

Ozstuff said...

I think your sketch is wonderful and you have blown your inner critic away!! The face is strong and the eyes are hypnotic. They draw the viewer in.
Sorry to hear about your wrenched back - a story to tell Corben on his 21st birthday!!
Hope the passage of batteries goes uneventfully and safely.

Martin said...

From my own experience I know how painful this can be. Best healing wishes to you : )
Your helpful criric turned out very handsome!

Taluula said...

Won't give up on you, Bill! Hope you are back in the swing of things soon.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Oh Bill! I'm so sorry you've hurt your back! My husband has a lot of issues with that and so I know that it can be very bad. Please take care of yourself and get better soon!

By the way, I do like the person you drew to chase away your inner critic! He looks about like a friendly bouncer and if he told me to go away, I wouldn't make him tell me twice!

When you are better, check out my Paris board on Pinterest as I have added a lot of fun new Paris things!!!

Take care,


Jeanne said...

Hi Bill I am sorry about your poor back. We forget we are not young anymore. Feel better soon.

I like the picture. He is a very handsome guy. Is that a younger you? Smile.

For pink Saturday today I completed my journal pages and used the digital work you gave me permission to use. I is posted and I thought you might want to see how I used your art. Thank you so much Bill. I love the way it turned out. I did have to crop it some.

I hope your grandson is ok. What a crazy thing. Kids do the most unexpected things.

Happy and better days to you.
xo, Jeanne

Junibears said...

Well I just love your helpful inner critic. Strong and handsome face, he'll soon chase those blues away.

Sorry about your back too. Easily done. My daughter has been the same this week. me..well I have it all the time! LOL!

Well you'll definitely have to keep batteries well away from Corben in future. Hope they all passed through safely! xx

Christine said...

Hi, Bill! I hope you back is OK and Corben far from all kind of batteries.
It seems to be you draw a younger version of yourself. Love it.