Thursday, January 3, 2013


Lani Gerity has a bunch of "happy" faces pinned on her Pinterest board. They inspired me to make this.


M said...

You should put your head on his body! Or dress up and take a picture of yourself. This definitely lifts my spirits!

Junibears said...

So true! It is said we make our own happiness Bill, it's a state of mind. Lovely collage!
Mine is at a low ebb, more or less usual at this time of year but my pain is increasing and unmanageable at the moment. That's without worrying about Freddie!
I'll try and do better!! LOL!
Hugs xx

Christine said...

Sometime ago I finally learnt that happiness is something within us and kind of disconnected of what is currently happening in our lives... That made me wonder if I was genetically predisposed to happiness... I don't know the answer yet.

peggy gatto said...