Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mad Hatter Tea Party Today!



I found a little creature
by our garden’s biggest tree.
I’m just not really sure
what this little man might be.

Perhaps a garden goblin,
a hobbit or an ork.
He’s just so very tiny,
and eats mushrooms with a fork!

(Hmm. He seems to have an interesting collection of mushrooms.
I wonder if we should check our tea?
The friends he brought look pretty interesting, too!)

He baked some fancy cupcakes,
and set a table for some tea.
He’s knows today’s the Hatter’s,
and is as happy as can be!

(I could have sworn I just saw Lady June! How odd!
Hmm. Two cupcakes are missing, too!)

(Oh boy. If you look close, even the cupcakes are sparkling. I wonder if the garden goblin has a special ingredient in them? I hope Lady June will be all right!)

He tells us famous stories
of maidens and their knights,
then builds a roaring fire
to light the dark sky night.

(I was hoping to share photos of the Queen of Tarts and her lemon tarts, as she's always our special guest. It seems, however, she found some mushroom stew, and now no one can find her! This is the first party I've hosted where the guests keep disappearing.)

(Well, I have to admit the little guy knows how to throw a fun party!)

We’ve grown so very sleepy
and the songs all start to wane.
He brings us mushroom pillows
and some mats of sugar cane.

Farewell to the Mad Hatter.
Farewell to the Fairy Queens.
The rest of us shall slumber
in a land of sweetest dreams.

(As usual, I start dreaming about Paris. However, much to my surprise, a strange little creature is crawling up the Eiffel Tower. Yikes!)

(In case you're wondering, our garden goblin host has a wonderful breakfast in store for us tomorrow
before you leave on your merry way.)

Please visit others who are participating in the Mad Hatter's Tea Party
by clicking on the picture below:

(Oh! Before you leave, I wonder if you might be interested in reading about the first class I am offering online? If so, you can find out all about it here:!class-1/c2271 If you don't tell anyone, all tea party visitors can still join us at the $10.00 introductory price!)


  1. Very nice site and blog for the mad tea party. Dennis Higgins

  2. Oh Bill! What a festive and twinkly party you have had!!! Where can I get one of those sparkly cherry trees for my yard! I would like to have one! And I have to tell you the next time I have Lucky Charms, I am going to be QUITE disappointed if they do not have the psychedelic marshmallows in them like you have here!!!! We can't wait to see you at our party at The Tearoom!

    Wishing you a most lovely Mad Tea Party weekend!

  3. Wouaouh Bill, what a wonderful collection of gif and alivimages! I love your tea party! It looks great! ;)

  4. T'was a psychedelic adventure fit for the maddest among us! CHEERS & THANK YOU for having me -xo

  5. Queen of Tarts here! The mushroom stew contained mushrooms that make you invisible! So I'm at the party, but you just can't see me! I just gave the Mad Hatter a wedgie, and now a food fight is about to break out! Thanks for a wild tea party this year! WooHoo!
    ~With love and hearts from the queen of tarts!

  6. Bright and fun at this party! Love the sparkles!!

  7. I love the pink sparkly cupcake! I do hope you will come visit my little tea party and Giveaway!
    ~Tricia (my tea party link below):

  8. Sparkly!

    If your class will teach me how to do half of what you have shared here, I must know more.

  9. Happy unbirthday to you and a magical day
    Kerstin from germany
    Cobblestone Prims

  10. Your hob goblin is surely serving up some magical food at your glittery tea, those sparkly cupcakes were delicious.

  11. Fun! I love your commentary! Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  12. Oh my, your twinkling photos are just awesome!! I loved your creature at the beginning too, and your poetry, you are so much fun!

    Happiest merriest unbirthday to you!!

    <3 Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

  13. I loved your tea party.

    I put together a real tea party for real people, but I don't think I could have done what you did - lovely!

  14. I had a great time at your tea party. So very original. I loved all of your mushrooms. Thank you for having me. Please visit:

  15. You post was great fun to visit...all that sparkley magical naughtiness. I hope I get a visit from that cheeky chappy sometime :D XXX

  16. :-) What a fun and sparkly tea party, it really made me giggle. I wonder what happened to the disappearing guests?

  17. Happy Mad Tea Party! Love all of your gorgeous graphics!

  18. A fun and quick party...just what I love. VERY whimsical, I'm glad I came

  19. This was like a ride at Disneyland!Wheeeee!!!
    Thanks for the breakfast goblin!!!Tehehee! Cheers! ;)

  20. What a party! I wish I had some of that tea with sparkling treats and sweet dreams...

  21. Fabulous!! Your celebration is delightful, my Dear...I'm so glad I stopped by!

  22. I love the colorful motion in your tea party. Pictures have been a real treat to look upon, but your blog post has momentum and things to catch hold of the eye. A wonderful party full of grand treats for the one's looking on. Thank you!

  23. You have a really cool blog! I enjoyed the spectacular Mad Tea Party, and will be coming back for more of the Steampunk Alice adventures! I'm also checking your other links.
    Teresa in California
    My Mad Tea Party is still in full swing until midnight!

  24. Lady June here......I'm still recovering! I don't know what was in those glittery cakes but I went on some sort of psychadelic journey....I was flying and I still haven't come back down to earth.
    And I still can't find my shoes.....

    You sure know how to throw a party! xxx

  25. I love all the glittering gifs in your tea party! That and the lovely rhyme tying them all together. thank you so much for inviting me!

  26. How fun! Love how you magically brought the images to life and of course (being smitten with all things Paris) just loved how you snuck in the Eiffel tower! LOL
    such a fun visit