Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Three Muses Challenge - A Bicycle and the Color Yellow

I learned a new technique using a mask in Photoshop to change a color photo to black and white and only have one color show through. There's always something new to learn in Photoshop!

***The annual Mad Tea Party is this Saturday. I hope you will stop by for some craziness!!!

My first class starts July 21 st. on my Purple Moose Heart Art site. I hope you'll come and join us.


  1. Wow, this looks great! Congrats on the new technique! And on your first online class.

  2. Very yellow!
    I love this beautiful effect!
    (And don't know how to do it, hahaha!)
    (Congrats for your first class Bill! :)

  3. I love the effect you achieved with the masking, Bill. Nice work!

  4. Perfect, Bill, must find out about this new technique!
    Looking forward to the party, hope I get an invite!!

  5. The yellow color shines out. Congrats for being the featured artist at digital Whisper.

  6. I've never learned how to do that Bill. A wonderful picture! xx
    See you at the Tea Party!

  7. This is fabulous and what a great technique to use

    Love Chrissie x

  8. Very cool, Bill! And I see you are taking your virtual tour of France through the Tour de France like we are!!! Can't wait to see you at The Mad Tea Party on Saturday!!! AND I can't wait for the start of your class! I have all of my supplies sitting in a corner of my studio, waiting to start!

    Wishing you a great day!


  9. Oh I like Bill.

    Mine is similar only I put bikes.

    Have a look.

    Mine is up.

  10. Great job on the mask, Mr Bill, it's allowed you to create a very striking piece.