Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Digital Whisper Photo Manipulation Challenge - Dark, Blue and Mysterious

The original photo.


  1. As always a very creative piece for the challenge, Bill.

  2. Oh boy, Bill! This is gorgeous! I think that walking in stardust must be a very good idea, especially in those lovely colors!!!

    Oh! And thank you for posting the supply list for your upcoming class! I'm looking at recipes for making my own fingerpaints!!!

    Have a great evening,


  3. Wow your sure creative my man.

    I have missed some of yours. Had problems with computer.

    Hopefully what you see now on your page. You can avoid the Sparkle one. People could not comment to me.

    Times like that I wish my hubby could be smarts to help me but he is not even interested in a computer. In one good way. I get the computer non stop. Ha-ha.