Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stain Glass Words

Sometimes when my head is full of too many thoughts and emotions, I have to use words instead of creating collages. I just wrote this at 1:30 am tonight/morning. I saw the phrase stain glass words in the latest issue of Victoria Magazine while looking at the magazine since I can't sleep.

stain glass words
written with the ink
of raindrops falling through
rainbow prisms
gracing the written page
with sparkling emotions
and kaleidoscopic connotations
recording the love of kings
and their romancing of queens
whilst making wilted rose petals
infuse blood red again
and molding broken hearts
into the legends
that dreams are made of
copyright WJC

I think a collage of words can be as helpful as a collage of pictures.
I talk about using poetry in the third week of my new class, but in the simpler and often more beautiful form of haiku, to help us get out of our head. If you would like to take a look of the description of the class, please click on the link below. My brain seems to be hung up on being so broke tonight, and I thought sharing this among friends might put my brain to rest.


  1. This is beautiful and created your digital art in my brain as I read. Cool trick! I can't wait for your class!

  2. This is a wonderful poem, Bill. I do hope things get less worrisome for you soon.


  3. a truly creative mind that cannot sleep but chooses to use the time for beauty... wonderful :)