Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mindy Lacefield's New Class

I've taken one of Mindy's classes and loved it. I don't have the money to take this one, but am hoping to win the free spot. Please check her class out! Those cute, crazy little characters I've shared I made while taken her class. :-)

"There's just a couple more days to lock in the early bird price $89 for ENCHANTED: mixed media characters with Susana and Mindy. I am doing a giveaway for one spot in the class. Please just share this link or copy and share elsewhere on other social media platforms and then leave your email address below. (please don't forget to comment with this info because this is how I'll do the drawing) Drawing will be held the afternoon of December 8th.…/enchanted-mixed-media-ch…
Micki Wilde and Mystele are our guest artists!!"

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  1. I say beye, beye until january and I wish a good time! P.