Friday, December 4, 2015

Wyanne Thompson

I just finished an 11 month class taught by Wyanne Thompson. She is such an inspiring person. She survived a severe case of throat cancer, and her attitude on life is so encouraging. I didn't do much of the painting she taught as I didn't have a lot of the materials she used. But we have lifetime access to the videos, so I'll be going back many times to revisit her techniques. It seems so sad now that the class is over! I created a digital collage with a picture of her for memory's sake. :-)


  1. You should take part at another group, seems it inspires you to be with similar mindeds!
    Herzlich P.

  2. How lovely that she was such a great inspiration to you, Bill! Keep doing what you do, working on your art and spreading your own brand of sunshine!!


  3. And more she is beautiful too!
    Great tribute Bill.
    I'm happy that you're going on your creativity life! :)

  4. Love that turquoise streak in her hair. I want to do that to my hair someday.