Monday, February 3, 2014

Much Better News

As of right now, I have much better news regarding our grandson. The doctor that was treating him made his diagnosis before getting all of the tests back. The last tests did not show him having the auto-immune disease. He has the Fifth Virus on top of the Cat Scratch Virus on top of an ear infection. The little guy did not have to be sent to Mott's Hospital here in Michigan. We haven't seen him, because they are down in Sandusky, Ohio, but he is covered with the rash today that is part of the Fifth Virus. His fever finally came down, so as long as something else doesn't develop, he should recover in a few days.

Our son-in-law is still having his surgery Weds. A cancer doctor is going to do the surgery to remove the mass from his bladder, even though the mass isn't cancerous. It's a very serious operation due to the possible damage that a mistake could do to his bladder. Of course, now it is being predicted that we are going to get up to 6" of snow Tuesday night through Weds. This is the winter that is breaking the old records here in Michigan.

I didn't write about this before, but I'm scheduled for March 14 th. to have two tests done to be sure I don't have cancer of the esophagus or colon. I've had GERD for about 10 years, and have been tested before. It is easy to have cancer develop in the damage the acid reflux does to the esophagus.

Anyway, a third of the stress has gotten much better. We have to be thankful for the good things when they come along! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes! Now if my head would just stop spinning . . .


Jez said...

You and your family are going through such a bad time, and as you say, at times like this one has to treasure the goodays, and even the good moments. I shall keep you all in my thoughts, and hope all goes well for all of you.
I have special thoughts for you, because Almost two years ago I was suddenly diagnosed by our wonderful doctor with serious bowel cancer - like the oesophagus and bladder and colon cancer not recognised in a 'popular' way, even though b.c. Is the second most common cancer in the western world. So I shall be thinking specially of you.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Bill,
You and your family are in our most positive thoughts and prayers.

Wishing you all better days ahead,


Beverly said...

Your family will remain in my prayers. I hope everyone continues to improve. Good outcomes are the goals.