Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Grandson?

Yep. It's true. Our second grandson is due in about a month and a half. Our son Brandon and his wife Bridget are the proud parents to be. There was a baby shower for them last Saturday, but I didn't get to go. My 81 year old mother wasn't feeling well, and I had to stay home and go to the store for her. Fortunately, our daughter Kaitlyn posted some pictures on Facebook, so I didn't miss the event entirely. This is the happy couple:

They got lots of baby presents!

And more presents!

This is going to be one spoiled kid, just like his cousin Corben.

I think Brandon realizes this thing is real. There's no going back.

Corben is waiting anxiously for his cousin to be born. Now that Corben has discovered the electric piano, he wants to start a rock band. He's hoping his cousin will play the drums. Grandpa Bill, meaning me, will be sure he gets some! After all, kids usually take after their parents, and all of our children love music. Three of them played in their own band for a while. I can see our house will get real noisy again soon.

Our new grandson's father, Brandon, is the guitar player on the left. 


  1. Noise in the house is wonderful.......and your grandsons seem destined to carry on the tradition.

    Happy times await, Bill. Through the eyes of small children and hearts of your children.
    What a special time. Congrats and let us know the name of #2!


  2. Oh another happy event to look forward to! What beautiful photos, sure looks like a happy party.
    Congratulations to the happy couple and to Grandpa Bill and Grandma.
    Great to hear some good news. Hugs xx