Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Suicide is Painless

I guess it's art therapy day. Tomorrow will be another day!


  1. Suicide seems to me more a dissolution than a solution. But you can't always find a perfect solution for problems ... so it can be an imperfect solution, a very final means. And I agree - tomorrow will be another day, a day when you are happy to be still alive.

  2. Dear Bill, I love the collage but oh! why must you dwell on suicide?
    I wish I was near and could talk to you and ask why you feel as you do...
    What makes you dwell on such morbidity?
    What has hurt you so much that you continue to cling on to the hurt you hold inside?
    I feel I just want to hug you and brush those fears and tears away because I feel you are screaming inside....

    You don't have to publish this dear Bill, it's between you and me. I'm here if you do want to talk sometime.....
    Big Hugs and love xx

  3. Dear Bill, consider the hypothesis of giving yourself a gift: forgiveness. Try to forgive whoever has hurt you that much. If you achieve this, the burden of living will be much lighter, I guess...