Friday, March 11, 2011

Art Journal Caravan 2011 - Week 11 Verb - Fight


  1. Just so gorgeous! Love the colours and multilayering. Fantastic work my friend. Hugs xx

  2. Another beautiful piece, William. :-)

  3. Sir William, no wonder I haven't seen much of your art over at Digital Whisper....just look at the weekly journal pages you have been making. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!

    Very Beautiful.

    Thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful, encouraging posts. I really do appreciate them.

    And, the best to the expecting couple, if you want to sell this grandchild I know the perfect home. We only have one grandchild so we'd welcome an infant into our home. We're not particular. We'd even take their first born. Idaho is a great place to raise children.