Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Artists' Life Class Assignment

This class is being given by Lani Gerity. I always find her art and words to be very encouraging. This is part of the instruction for our assignment: "This lesson “You Are Beautiful” is about elevating the business of life to a sacred or mythic plane. Give some thought to “in whose light you do what you do”. The idea is to see the larger context, to see ourselves as a part of a whole that is much greater than our own little corner or our own minds. Folks who work with 12 step programs talk about a higher power. Jungians talk about the collective unconscious. But what ever your spiritual inclination (or non-inclination), the idea is to turn outward now, in this exercise, looking outside of yourself for solace and comfort. . . So my question here is, is the light outside of us, inside of us, or both? How does it make the self-portrait look?  Is it beautiful?  I believe so.  I believe we are beautiful!"

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