Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mental Health Week

My wonderful friend, June,  in Great Britain, shared the following words on her blog. I wanted to post them here, too. Since I suffer with depression, panic attacks, low blood sugar attacks, and vasovagal attacks, I find these words very reassuring. It always helps to know one is not alone.


  1. I am glad you posted that dear Bill. No you are definitely not alone and you have lots of dear listening friends to help, including me!
    Big warm hugs xx

  2. Vasovagal . . . OH MY GOSH I didn't know you also had this. My hubby and youngest son suffer from vasovagal attacks. DRINK MORE WATER. That is what my son does to keep his attacks at bay. My husband is a lot older and when he has an attack he ends up asleep for most of the day. When he was younger, he would lie on the floor and elevate his legs while drinking a large glass of orange juice. It took a long time before they diagnosed his problem and he has been through every test imaginable inlcuding the table tilt and stress tests and a scan of his carotid artery. Water, water, water. Give it a try, Sir William.

  3. I am so very sorry, Bill! But as the ladies have said above, you are not alone! I think that working with art is one of the best therapies around for keeping yourself healthy in every way!

    Please take care of yourself!