Thursday, March 22, 2012

Art Journal Caravan - Week 12 - Quote

Bird cage and bird from Mr. Whiskers' kit "Birdcage."
Other elements from Studio Tangie's Parcel "#11."


  1. I haven't commented for a while. What you recently created looks all beautiful, funny and original : )

  2. Well if you stick your head in a birdcage, what else can you expect? xx

  3. What June said!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Eleanor and her quotes!

  4. And besides you'll always have someone to talk to.
    You make me smile Bill be good to you!

  5. I am laughing so hard at what June said! I needed a good giggle, thanks June!
    As for befriending ourselves, I think it is a lifelong quest that we never get perfectly right. The main thing is to notice that you'd like to be better friends with yourself...Then the journey begins with that single step of noticing you'd like to make a change. It may go at a snail's pace, but that's ok. We are all on this road of learning to love ourselves and others as best we can.
    I see you being a good friend to yourself in many ways. And I feel that you are a good friend to me, too! I am grateful for you, my friend!