Thursday, August 9, 2012

AJC 2012 - Wordography - Metanoia

Background paper from Tangie Foil Paper 2, Parcel #31, and Tangie's font Tea Cup Full. Little man stamp by Teesha or Tracy Moore.


  1. Your post reminded me of an old show and song from the early 70's:

  2. Darling Bill, we love you as you are,always feel free to be different.
    We have a saying here where I live that 'people in Norfolk always do different'. Viva la Difference!! xx

  3. Oh Dear Bill,
    Reading your poem sounds just like what it used to sound like in my head! But then I learned that it is a GOOD thing to be DIFFERENT! In a world of people who are the same, don't you know what a treasure you are because you are not??

    Your Fellow Inhabitant of The Planet Different,