Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dream Something New

Elements from Studio Tangie's "Midnight Dreams" and Holliewood's "Void." Font is Tangie's "Impossible Things Bold."

We finally finished moving everything out of my parent's former apartment yesterday. We realized then that it has only been two months since our mother died, but it seems like much longer due to everything else that had to be done. My father is adjusting to being in a nursing home.  My sister and I both feel guilty about not being able to take him into our homes, but due to his lifetime stubborn nature, his alzheimers, his other medical needs, and the layout of our houses, we didn't have any other choice. We'll see now if some kind of normalcy can come back into our lives. Hopefully I'll be able to participate in more of the digital challenges now.  :O)


  1. Love everything about this!

    And love the tardis on your header.

  2. Hello Bill,
    I love your collage and love the message especially!

    I understand how you are feeling about your father because I went through it with both of my parents. But sometimes their care requires more than what can be done without the help of professionals. I wanted to keep my mother at home too. But we cared for her here in her home for nearly a year and it truly was more than we could do.

    Please be at peace in your hearts and know that our thoughts are with you.


  3. Here's to brand new beautiful dreams!

  4. I echo that M! A beautiful collage Bill. xx

  5. I need something bold and new for a change... Lovely piece.
    I know it was a tough choice, but probably it was the best you could do, so take a breath and make peace with yourself.