Friday, August 24, 2012

Paris Dreams

Yep, I'm dreaming about Paris again. The elements are from Tangie Baxter's kit "Midnight Dream." I created the background. I don't remember what font I used, but it's one of Tangie's great handwritten fonts.

To anyone who cares, I will be gone all next week, and won't have an Internet connection. Egads! I won't be able to read email or make posts to my blog or anything else. Egads again! How does one live without an  Internet connection? They don't even have TV! How can I watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" It's going to be a very long week. Except, I will be able to play with pygmy goats and see acres of corn fields, so maybe it will be worth it after all.


  1. Maybe you will like those images of Paris ~>

    I hope you'll survive your offline week ;-)

  2. Love that explosive background!

  3. Vibrant! And you never know where dreams may lead... ;)

  4. All your dreams lead to Paris. Hope you get there one day. Super image. have a good week! xx

  5. Hi, Bill! Lovely collage.
    Life sometimes brings surprises, I hope you'll go to Paris and enjoy some parisienne joie de vivre.