Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beautiful Video

If you're a return visitor to my blog, then you know I can't resist anything about Paris or France. The creator of this video, Luke Shepard, needs funding for his next project. He explains the process here:


We are so broke right now (thanks to our wonderful economy) that I can't afford any donation, but since I enjoyed the video so much, I thought I'd try to help by spreading the word. By the way, I first saw the video at The Gossamer Tearoom. You might enjoy visiting her page, too!



  1. Hi Bill,
    Thanks so much for re-posting this amazing video! We wish we could help more too, but for now, the free PR is all we can do!

    And thank you for linking to The Tearoom as well! It's so nice of you! I'll set out a few more places for tea!


  2. This is glorious! It gave my heart wings!