Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Grotesque Child

Some tales are meant to be hidden.
Some tales are meant to be told.
But when secret stories
escape through loose lips,
legends grow for all to behold.

Such was the birth in a hovel,
far from the populous world.
It was grossly deformed,
and had brains slightly addled.
“O’r a cliff it must be hurled!”

But a mother’s true love
knows no boundaries nor codes.
She hid the babe in caves
where no one dare tread.
It became what nature forebode.

Elements from new kit by Rebecca McMeen called "Grotesque."
Weird story by me.

© wjc


  1. Oh, Bill! I love the story and the collage!! What a nice Mommy Mr. Grotesque has!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  2. Very weird! But I like it like that!! Good stuff!!

  3. Could be the beginning of a strange fairy tale : ) Wonderful colours, well arranged.

  4. I really like this zetti creation. It's odd and quirky but poetic and whimsical too.

  5. Most intriguing, Bill! Really got my attention with your poem story and art! Nice job!