Sunday, August 14, 2011

Art Therapy - I'm Creating A Zine About Joy

I belong to the Yahoo group 14 Secrets moderated by the wonderful Lani Gerity. I decided I wanted to create a zine for the group where everyone who wants to contributes, and then I create a digital zine to send back to them. I love creating zines, and use to participate in numerous zine swaps. Somehow, the zine swaps have managed to die down. Creating a digital zine is so much easier, though, than hosting a swap where you have to receive lots of packages through the mail, sort all the pages, put the zine together, and then mail them all back out to the participants. It sure saves on postage! Digital zines allow much more freedom without all the physical hustle and bustle. If a person wants a physical copy, all they have to do is print it on their inkjet printer.

Anyway, the zine I will be creating is going to be called "We Collect Joy."  Concentrating, looking for or creating joy, especially through art, is proving to be a strong help in controlling depression. I worked on a digital collage tonight that I plan to share in the zine, and thought I'd post it here. If you would like a copy of the zine or even contribute something to it like a special photo that brings you joy, a special poem or whatever, head on over to Yahoo Groups and join 14 Secrets. It's a wonderfully supportive group!


Artastics said...

How neat! I like the colors blended and bright..Eager to contribute! Jan

Christine said...

This a wonderful collage and so it is your idea.