Saturday, August 27, 2011

My New Little "Blurb" Book Arrived!

So many people have said they liked my "French" themed digital art that I decided to put together a little, not too expensive book that you can buy and enjoy at home. I had it made through Blurb, and it turned out even better than I hoped. It contains 11 of my digitally created pictures. I named it "J'aime Paris." I'm Canadian French actually. My grandparents were from Montreal. My paternal grandmother only spoke French. Unfortunately, she died when I was very young, and I never had the opportunity to learn French. I would love to visit Paris, but the way the economy is going right now, that probably will never happen. But as I say in my book, I visit Paris in my dreams! If you would like to order a copy, there is little box in the right column where you can click to order it. I hope you enjoy it! (It is $6.95, but I'm sure they add postage to the price.)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

J'aime Paris aussi! Good luck with your little book.
I just returned from a vacation in France and have pictures posted if you're interested.
Have a nice day.