Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art Journal Caravan - April Adventure Quest - Poetry


  1. Is this a man in a can?
    I love it, and can relate to the feelings too.

  2. Love that technicolour man...If he's in a can I haven't seen them on my supermarket shelves!
    At your age Bill you shouldn't be doing what others expect you to do. I've done that for far too long...
    Just be yourself and let the others go hang...

  3. I agree with Juni!
    Hey Juni we should go into biz together selling "Man in a can." I sure could use one! haha!

  4. Save one for me, June!
    Hey Bill, I love this one. What a brilliant idea! Image and words in perfect harmony. Finnaly, I think there's much of you left, but you know that ;)