Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Royal Wedding Reception Here April 29 th.

In case I don't post as often as I normally do, it is because I am busy preparing for the royal wedding reception that is going to be held right here on my blog on April 29 th. A number of my special blogging friends have been invited to celebrate the uniting of the royal couple. I can't promise it will be an exciting event (I've been told the Brits can be a tad dry. I personally don't agree. Have you ever see Mrs. Slocombe on "Are You Being Served?"),

but some characters will be in full British-style dress. Well, I can't exactly say British dress. Only Lady June, the Queen's representative to our group, will be properly attired. She sent me a preview of the beautiful hat she will be wearing. (You know how Queen Elizabeth loves her hats.) I can't vouch for what the artist types attending will be wearing, though. I'm particularly a little worried about what Seth Apter will be sporting. I hear he gets pretty wild when he's around the bubbly, and he'll probably start early. I do hope you'll stop by and visit us on the 29 th. to see what transpires!


  1. What do you mean, we are a tad dry? There's nothing dry about me matey, I can guffaw with the best of 'em. Hope there's there's pleanty of bubbly around. You know what happened at the last 'do'!! xx

  2. Anyone who thinks the English are dry hasn't seen Monty Python or Mrs Slocombe and I adore June's hat...Rock on Bill I'll see you on the 29th!!

  3. June looks divine, as always! And yes, I LOVED Mrs. Slocombe! ;) Ooh, your reception is sounding like quite the place to be!! I will make sure and stop by!

  4. When you have a moment, Sophie would like you to see her New Hat that She got for the Occasion!
    We dedicated the Page as a thank you for your Inspiration! BBxLN SSS