Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Down Memory Lane

I've  been sick for a week now with some kind of flu-like bug, and have only been working on my blog post for the big royal wedding day. (April 29) Maybe I'll feel like creating a new digital collage later today. Moving right along, I came across a photo today that brought back a lot of old memories. I don't know if I've mentioned it on this blog before, but I love to sing. The big problem is, I'm also pretty bashful about it. Thirty-two years ago, though, I got up the nerve to sing at a wedding reception. I was the best man, and evidently a lot more brave back then. Here is a picture of me singing. If only I wasn't too old to try out for American Idol! Now don't laugh too much!


  1. Cool, William. You're much braver than I am. I've been told I can't sing to save my life lolol.

    If you enjoy it, do it, even if it's only in the shower.

  2. I agree with Paula! Sing in the shower or anywhere you feel safe. The more you do it, the easy and less scary it becomes. If you ever feel like making a little music video, you can safely share it with me. I would love it. Singing activates hope and joy in our hearts, which is important.(whether you're a star or not)
    But to me, you will always be a star!:)

  3. I wouldn't have recognised you Bill from this picture. You look so different. But I guess we all did back then! LOL!
    After all my years singing I can only croak now!! But I guess you and I will have to sing a duet at the party! What d'ya say?
    PS Get well soon. Hugs xx

  4. What wouldn't I give to see you and June singing together... I'm sure it will be an amazing show. I loved to see you doing your thing. Do it Bill. Don't you have karaoke bar in your corner of the world?