Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding Reception!

If by some some chance you have been living in a cave and have missed all the news reports telling the story of how Prince William and Princess Kate fell in love, please visit Grannie's "The Whimsey Asylum" by clicking here. (She's our favorite Grannie!) But do come back before all the bubbly is gone!

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Please ignore the graffiti above. Some artist from Ireland challenged an artist from the US to a graffiti contest, and evidently this is their idea of royal graffiti. Their names are respectfully being withheld since they have been invited to this celebration.

(By the way, when you get tired of hearing that wedding music, just hit the pause button on the player. Also, please feel free to click on any picture if you need to see a larger size to read the writing.)

Oh my! I see the Queen of Tarts (below) is getting her dander up. I've heard the British can be a little uppity about their titles, but the Queen of Tarts won't stand for that kind of nonsense!

That should be enough cake to make Marie happy! Oh my. I really don't want to alarm anyone, but there seems to be a bunch of people looking into the windows.

They must be people who didn't receive an invitation to the reception. Yet, somehow, they look vaguely familiar! Well, they don't appear to be causing any trouble, so I guess we'll just let them keep looking.


(If you didn't pause the wedding music earlier, please do so now before pressing the play button below.) 

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If by chance I get arrested for borrowing this picture of the Queen and King, please come and visit me. But it just wouldn't be a proper goodbye without a send-off by the Royal Family.  I had hoped William and Kate would stop by, but I understand they took off some time ago to do whatever newly married folk do.  I do so hope you enjoyed our short time together. It's wonderful to be with friends during special times like this. Please come and visit again real soon!

(The ballroom and mouse designs are from a digital scrapbooking kit by Lori Davison called "Greymouse Manor." Any spelling or other errors you may have found were created strictly for your enjoyment. )


  1. Bang up job old boy!
    I could have danced all night!

  2. Darling Boy! What can I say? This is just stupendous! Much better than the real thing, I would say.I hate to think how many hours you put into this. Just FAB-U-LUSS!
    I'm still reeling from all the excitement....or is it just a tad too much Dom Perignon.....I had a largish bottle underneath that crinoline don'tcher know!!
    Biggest Hugs
    Lady June xx

  3. Smashing my dear fellow absolutely smashing...Queen Victoria is waltzing in her mausoleum. I had a marvelous time even though I was just looking through the paupers peep window...thanks for the call out...rock on til the sun comes up again Sir William...and kiss the Queen for me!

    P.S. Tell Lady June she did a magnificent job as hostess!!

  4. OH...Bill this was FANTASTIC! I had so much fun!! And I LOVED my attire! You're is SO me. ;) I can't imagine how you did this. AWESOME, AWESOME job!

    And, yes, Lady June was the perfect hostess!

  5. What a party! Even though I've got a little frustrated for just peeking throught the window, it was brilliant! My favorite part was the appearance of the special guest Miss Monroe.

  6. I ADORE my gown (and my hair color....nice shade). What a lovely day it was, right-o? William and Kate are divine, the food and drinkies were perfect, the music brings a tear to my eye, and all of us looked presentable!

    LADY JAN? Haven't been called that in awhile, but perchance I should use that title more?

    Thanks you for including me and I shall treasure the experience.

    Ta-Ta and Toodle-loo and Whoop-de-do! Congrats to the newlyweds. Make us proud!

    Lady Jan

  7. I had a marvelous time at your party Bill! Lady June made a great hostess. Check my blog for my take on the Royal Wedding if you get a chance.

  8. Amazing Bill. I can't even imagine the amount of time you put into the party and this post. Well done and congratulations! And thanks so much for the royal invitation. A good time was definitely had by all!!

  9. That really made me smile this morning, Bill.

    Mister Humphries took me waaaay back to my youth, lol Are You Being Served was a highlight of our weekend TV viewing back then.

    I really enjoyed this piece, Bill. You must have spent a lot of time on it. I hope you get a lot of people viewing it; it's cool!


  10. Wow Bill!!! I love everything!!!
    !!!I was at the Royal Wedding!!!!
    Love my dress!!! Pam looks so hip and June is one lovely lady...perfect host! And M such a magical person! Provo!

    Had a great time! Thanks for the invitation!

  11. I'm only catching up this morning on the reception, Bill. Sorry I missed it in real time. I'm (as the English would say) gobsmacked! You certainly know how to throw a reception!!

  12. hips look a tad LARGE, don't they? Too many crumpets????

    I'm still chuckling Bill. All the work you put into should be a YOUTUBE event!

    Smiling still...

  13. Greetings Bill, your post very good, good job.

  14. Very cool! Now I can see why you were invited..and I wasn't! (Python has nothing on you!!)

  15. Oh frabjous day callooh callay!
    Very OTT!(over thetop) FABULOUS!!!

  16. Oh my gosh, how long did it take to put this together?