Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There once was a man . . .

There once was a man
who thought there was no reason to live.
But when about to jump from a cliff,
he saw a rainbow of stairs from the corner of his eye.
Having nothing to lose,
and no promise to gain,
he turned and climbed the bright stairs
to wherever they might lead.
At the end of the rainbow
floated a shiny red balloon.
Having nothing to lose,
and no promise to gain,
he grabbed a hold of the string.
He soon felt himself sailing
off to the moon.
Somehow he landed without even a hitch.
His spirits much lifted,
he spied a boat sitting upon
the green cheese of the moon.
It sat there as if needing someone to row.
His brows furrowed,
for there was no water to be seen.
But having climbed upon a rainbow,
and having sailed the skies holding only a balloon,
he thought, perhaps, he should sit down inside.
After all,
he had nothing to lose,
and no promise to gain.
Suddenly moonbeams shot high.
The rowboat shot high into the midnight sky.
Giddy with laughter,
there was little he could do
but sit and enjoy the ride.
Finally feeling at peace,
he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

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  1. WOW!!!!
    So very cool!
    I love it, and I hope you slept well!

  2. Did you write all that Bill? It's wonderful. I felt lifted just reading it and I found myself smiling! Big Hugs xx

  3. Amazing and lovely! And merry Christmas in advance : )

  4. That was too cool! It was ALL wonderful; the story and the art! :-)

  5. Fantastic Bill love the story and the short flick...and the beautiful collage above what a talented fellow you are...and you make me smile what could be better then that.

  6. Oh! I always have fun when I visit you. What a lovely fairy tale and what a delicious gif! Thanks for the smile.