Friday, December 30, 2011

Unexpected Visitor

That title applies to both the picture below and to the norovirus my family and I are fighting. It is a horrible flu!!! If you don't hear from me for a few days, it means I've gotten more sick. The Emergency Department at the hospital near here is packed out with people who have gotten the virus. I spent 6 hours there with our daughter Clarissa, because she was so sick with it. She couldn't stop vomiting. Corben, her 16 month old son came down with it first. He was in the hospital on Saturday. Then Clarissa got it on Monday, and  passed it on to the rest of us. Being sick to your stomach has got to be way up there on the worst feelings list!

Well, here's a picture I managed to do while waiting for the next round of nausea to appear. I've always been intrigued with the ocean.

(The big platypus is from the "Dino Safari" kit by Mr. Whiskers I mentioned a few posts back.)

By the way, I tried to keep this post germ free, so hopefully you won't receive any unexpected visitor at your house!


  1. I wish a healthy new year to you and your family and the worst for the virus! Love your dino collages : )

  2. Oh Bill, I've got a flu bug but not as bad as yours. My sympathies, especially to the babies!
    Hope you feel better soon.
    My head feels as though I'm struggling underwater! Just like your platypus!xx

  3. ECH!!!! Nothing will bring you to your knees like nausea. Oh, my. I wish you all a speedy recovery (and I'm wiping down the keyboard right now!!!)

    Your new blog header is SO Colorado! Did you come for a visit and not tell me?

    I'd tell you to have some chicken soup, but even the THOUGHT of food right now would make you suffice it to say that I'm sending healing thoughts east!


  4. The atypical platypus fits right in with your art, Bill. Great colours too.