Thursday, December 1, 2011

What would you say if . . .

you received a bag like this in the mail?

Yes, it's a pink bag. When I opened the bag, I found . . .

a beautiful pad of paper with a gold Eiffel Tower on the cover, a bag of lavender tea (which is suppose to help people with sleeping problems) . . .

a fake croissant (which is good, because I'm suppose to be following a gluten free diet now) . . .

and a tiny pile of pink poo! Yes, you read that right. Pink poo. (In case you don't know, poo is a very noble character in Japanese kawaii art. In comes in many colors!)

Getting back to the question, what would you say if you received all of these wonderful things in a pink bag? I'd say, "Yahoo!" I received a present from Marguerite. What else would you expect from someone who lives in Eureka, California?! Thank you so much, M, for all the treasures. By the way, you might know M as the Queen of Tarts. She visits all of my blog tea parties. Anyway, I will especially treasure the pink poo! It's setting on top of my computer screen right now. I'll try the lavender tea tonight. Today is a good day thanks to M!


  1. Well, I think I'd be saying "YAHO" myself! Who wouldn't LOVE all those goodies (especially the 'poo'). Now this woman has a sense of humor!

    BUT, please don't take that pink bag to the store with you....there could be some raised eyebrows.

    Congrats on your gift!

  2. Wow! That was quick! I mailed it out late on Monday afternoon! I am glad it reached you so fast, and that you enjoyed it. (I knew you would! Especially the poo!)

  3. Just your cup of (lavender) tea Bill! How lovely to receive such a gift! xx