Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Corben's Snowman

The weather here has been so strange. Monday it snowed. Corben, with some help, built a snowman. I didn't make it outside since I was still fighting the flu. Tuesday the temperature rose to 55, and it rained. I managed to run outside with my new iPhone 4 and take a picture of the snowman before it melted all away. Today, the high this morning was 62. It rained off and on. Now the temperature is dropping quickly as a cold front moves in. The predicted high for tomorrow is 26. It's no wonder I can't get rid of this flu and sinus stuff! But that's Michigan for you. By the way, the snowdrops are up and the flowers are almost ready to bloom. I hope this cold doesn't wipe them out now.


  1. What a good job Corben did on his melting friend!

  2. Wow that's a great snowman! Well done Corben.
    Get well soon Bill. xx