Saturday, January 5, 2013

Life Book 2013 - Week 1

I'm busy preparing all of my work I did for Life Book 2012 so I can bind them into a wonderful art book. It should be pretty awesome once it's done! I'm not saying that in a bragging way. I'm just so happy that I have 18 mixed-media pages done that I can actually point to and say "I'm painting and creating mixed-media!" It makes me feel like a real artist. I believe digital artists are real artists, too, but it feels so different to get your hands all covered in paint and gesso.

Well, Life Book 2013 started this week, and I have part one of the first lesson done. We were suppose to come up with a fairy godmother or fairy godfather that we could look to for encouragement during the upcoming months whenever our inner critic starts saying nasty things to us. My inner critic is eternally mean, so I was eager to do this assignment. The character is actually a stamp I enlarged that was originally created by Tracy Moore. I love both Teesha and Tracy Moore's work! Although, I guess you already know that since I love any form of zetti artwork.


  1. Love this! Is that gold leaf? Fancy shmancy!

  2. I hope your godfather encourages and comfort you throughout this year (where can I buy one?)

  3. Oh wow this looks like a real fun thing.

    Not sure even what Gesso is.Is it a glue?

    What paint do you use.
    Oil and water paint.

    I have that around my place.

    Oh this looks so amazing yet like oyu say. It is different way of doing art right? When one is used to the simple Word art of the three Art forms.