Monday, January 14, 2013

Gray Shrouds Above


  1. Such a sad but so beautiful poem dear Bill. keep warm and well! xx

  2. Well, I think these words touch everyone because we have the same thoughts but don't know how to express them as beautifully as you do, Bill. Superb.

  3. Thanks, Bill, for wording and acknowledging the loneliness that so often haunts each of us who bears any sensitivity. May you also find and trust the snuggledown peace of smiling your way into slumber and awaking to a softly sunny dawn. Then the clouds serve as pillows of tranquil restoration.

    And thanks again for something you did for me years ago: in a zine exchange in Artellaland, I laboured mightily over a little booklet based on the symbolic "Forest Walk" exercise. In response, you took the time and trubs to write me a note of appreciation, and that made all the diff to clearing dark clouds of self-doubt for me. That simple gesture has meant more to me than you'd ever have suspected!
    ~ Kit W