Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Elephant

I'm still loving Lani Gerity's series about the trainer and the elephant. This is how she explained what it means: The trainer or rider is that part of ourself that has goals and can think about consequences. The elephant is the part of us that wants what it wants right now. It's very hard work training the elephant because it is so big. Here's another digital compilation I did about the subject.

I found the man on Trendland and he was photographed by Aduu Juma Masudi.


  1. Very cute, Bill! Elephants were one of my mother's favorite things in the whole world and so I always notice them because of her! She would have loved your collage!!


  2. I agree with your comment whole heartedly. That would be me too! Did I say I loved your new header? Hus xx

  3. Very cool, Bill! I love the background.